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Locatie:  Elsene
Designation:  Residential

Between Waterleidingstraat en Campenhoutstraat is located an 8,000 m² office building with 95 underground parking spaces which has been exploited since 1991 by the American Management Association (AMA) as a conference and seminar centre. AMA leased the building from Belgium Lease. At the start of 2017, Groep Bouwen acquired bare ownership and the leasing rights from respectively Belfius Lease and AMA. Groep Bouwen rented the buildings for a period of 2 years to Management Center Europe, a subsidiary of AMA. During that period, Groep Bouwen researched the transformation of the building into a residential building. To this end, it appointed architect firm Axent, which in the meantime has developed advanced designs for such a renovation.